Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mistakes that mother make during or before a divorce

Divorce is a tough time for a family. With the divorce lawyers talking all complicated terms and facts and it is logical that in such a time the mother loses out on her calm and makes a few mistakes. These are a few mistakes you should avoid.
  • Mistake 1
Thinking that "equality" means that each of you should be an equal breadwinner and equally share the housework. Assuming this is possible but not true. Only one of you is going to get pregnant and suffer the hits to your career and the risks to your physical health dividing everything else in half is not "equality". 

Civil Presiding System

How the Civil Presiding System Works in Bexar County
family law cases, go to a presiding district court in Room 109 of the Bexar County Courthouse. Several dockets each day handle these cases.
The Bexar County civil district court system is unique. All non-jury district court cases, including

At 8:30 each day, cases that do not require witnesses are set. These cases usually involve discovery motions, summary judgments or motions to withdraw. The daily 9:00 docket is the busiest docket. All non-jury trials on the merits and temporary orders cases are set here. Divorce, non-Attorney General paternity cases and modifications make up the vast majority of this docket. The presiding judge has several district judges available to assist him or her with the docket. The judge calls each case set on the docket that day.