Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mistakes that mother make during or before a divorce

Divorce is a tough time for a family. With the divorce lawyers talking all complicated terms and facts and it is logical that in such a time the mother loses out on her calm and makes a few mistakes. These are a few mistakes you should avoid.
  • Mistake 1
Thinking that "equality" means that each of you should be an equal breadwinner and equally share the housework. Assuming this is possible but not true. Only one of you is going to get pregnant and suffer the hits to your career and the risks to your physical health dividing everything else in half is not "equality". 
  • Mistake 2.
Using two incomes to pay for major fixed costs such as housing, insurance, automobiles, and related recurring expenses that cannot be substantially reduced in the event of disability, job loss, or divorce. While married, even if he loses his income, yours is then available as a supplement. Even if you are a stay-home spouse, you remain available to pitch in and get a job if need be.
  • Mistake 3.
Having joint credit cards and other debts. Just don't do it. Keep these separate. It may not be possible to not jointly sign on to home mortgage debt but generally it is possible to avoid other kinds of joint debt. Have your own cards, and don't use them for anything your own income wouldn't easily cover. This will also reduce the paper work for your San Antonio divorce lawyer.
  • Mistake 4.
Working for free in his business. Don’t pitch and help without getting paid or having legal proof for the amount of time spent in in the welfare of your husband’s business. In case of divorce this can form the basis for the best San Antonio divorce lawyer to fight for what is yours. Because after separation what was “ours” will become his. And all the time and energy you spent will go wasted.
  • Mistake 5.
Relocating to follow him to a foreign country, or a state in which you do not have friends and support systems or job opportunities, or to any other isolated or remote locale in which you are unsure you may want to stay. If your marriage breaks down in the new location, you and the children may be stuck there for a very long time. (And if you have minor children, do not ever, ever, ever move -- or bring them even temporarily for a visit -- to any country such as Saudi Arabia with Muslim sharia laws in which, because you are a woman, your freedom to travel, and your authority over your own children, including leaving with them, can be restricted.) Don't have a baby in an iffy new location, a state (or country) in which you may not want to live for the next 18 years. The state where you give birth has initial jurisdiction over your child, and once you've lived in a new location for the jurisdictional period of time (as short as six months), that state also has jurisdiction over you and your other children born elsewhere.

Keeping following things and avoiding the above mentioned errors will help you get a smooth divorce and will help you overcome some of the common issues. Also, it makes the job easier for your San Antonio divorce attorney.